Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

UNICO International Corporation aims to contribute to the development of the international society by providing high-quality consulting services as a trustworthy consultant.

In 2021, to promote the medium-term management plan, we set "Mission," "Management Vision,” and "Action" based on the Company Philosophy.


Enrich the lives of people around the world and co-develop wisdom and technology to nurture industry.

Management Vision

  • ・ Make decisions and take actions in a timely manner with a medium- to long-term perspective to create the foundation for business continuity and growth.
  • ・ Together with our employees, create ”UNICO" as an engaging and enjoyable workplace.


With passion: Do the best with high aspirations.
With honesty: Always act by putting yourself in his/her shoes.
With creativity: Create from scratch.
With the mindset that every employee is a proprietor of UNICO.