ODA Loan Project Service

The Government of Japan supports developing countries in their large-scale projects for the development of economic and social infrastructure, such as projects for power supply, water supply, sewage systems, roads, railways, education, vocational training and urban public health, through ODA loans. UNICO has wide experience in carrying out studies which may be held in each phase of an ODA loan project, such as assistance for project formation, project implementation, and also for project formation of STEP type ODA loans.

In providing project management services for economic and social infrastructure projects and projects for the environment, it is essential to formulate appropriate cooperation networks among stakeholders including JICA, related government ministries, implementation agencies, residents and so on. Based on this principal, UNICO always involves environmental and social impact assessment specialists in forming a project implementation team.

Different types of approach are required in economic and social infrastructure projects (for example, projects for drinking water, education facilities and hospitals) and economic infrastructure projects (projects for power plants and public transportation). UNICO proactively addresses each field of a project applying Japanese advanced technologies and know-how.

Recently, many infrastructure projects are formed as “public-private partnership projects” (PPP) with a new financial scheme. UNICO provides project management services by organizing legal framework experts and financial experts to achieve a reasonable and flexible financial plan for the smooth implementation of PPP projects.

Climate change problems have become a serious global issue. In order to realize a low carbon society, UNICO aggressively works on advanced renewable energy projects such as photovoltaic, solar, thermal, wind turbine and biomass energy projects based upon its environmental technologies, technical knowledge and know-how accumulated through its past technical experience in the fields of oil, coal and natural gas.

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