by Region


No. Country name Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Japan Biomas Energy Field Test Project Japanese Comapany 2004/11/22~2005/03/18
2 Japan (Feasibility Study on) Commercialization of Energy Conservation Project in Shunan Complex, Japan Yamaguchi Prefecture 2004/07/08~2005/02/15
3 Japan Study for Quality Innovation of Ex-ante Evaluation in the Mining & Industrial Cooperation Projects (Information Technology) (Industrial Standard) JICA 2004/02/25~2004/03/31
4 Japan Cluster Project Case Study JICA 2002/03/01~2002/03/29
5 Japan Market Study of Petroleum Alternative Energy, DME (Primary Study) METI / Center for Coal Utilization, Japan (CCUJ) 2002/02/18~2002/02/22