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Commerce and Tourism

No. Country name Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Central Asia Data collection survey on tourism sector in the Central Asian region JICA 2021/03/26~2021/09/30
2 Central America
Data collection survey on development cooperation with/post COVID-19 society in Central America and the Caribbean region JICA 2021/03/12~2021/12/15
3 Republic of Malawi Policy Advisor for Private Sector Development in the Republic of Malawi (First Phase) JICA 2020/02/18~2021/10/29
4 Republic of Armenia Regional Brands and Product Development Project in Armenia JICA 2013/03/12~2016/02/29
5 Africa The Preliminary Study to Assist the Formation of Comprehensive OSBP Support and Cooperation Programs for Western Part of Africa JICA 2009/01/26~2009/03/27
6 Republic of Indonesia The Study for Strengthening of Expert Promotion Organization in the Republic of Indonesia JICA 2007/02/09~2009/03/13
7 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The Japanese Expert Technical Cooperation for the Project of Promotion of Emerging New Industrial Enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia JICA 2006/08/28~2007/03/20
8 Kingdom of Cambodia
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Pilot Study on IT Assistance for Customs Procedures in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) JBIC 2003/06/05~2004/03/31