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No. Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 FY2011 Capacity Building Project for Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reductions in Africa MOE (Ministry of Environment) 2011/6/1~2012/3/1
2 Support Project to Improve Maintenance Skill for Photovoltaic and Other Renewable Energy Power Generation Systems ? Capacity Building in Asia NEDO 2010/10/25~2012/3/20
3 Feasibility Study of Sofia East Combined Heat and Power Improvement Project in the Republic of Bulgaria JBIC 2005/07/01~2006/03/31
4 The Study on Socio-Economic Survey for Rural Villages in Cambodia JBIC 2003/09/05~2004/03/12
5 Alberta Bitumen Upgrading Project JETRO 2006/11/01~2007/06/20
6 Feasibility Study for Coal Liquefaction Project in China Japanese Company 2001/08/01~2002/03/31
7 RAS LANUF Refinery Modernization Project Japanese Company 2002/12/16~2003/02/15
8 Feasibility Study of Biodiesel Refinery Construction Project in South Africa Japanese Company 2003/10/01~2004/03/19
9 Demonstrative Research on Dispersed Power Generation System Technologies (Photovoltaic, Wind Power and Advanced) Storage Batteries NEDO 2003/10/01~2006/06/01
10 Demonstrative Research on Photovoltaic Power Generation System NEDO 2003~2006
11 Environment N2O Emission Reduction Project at the Nitric Acid Plant of Nitrogenwork in Hungary NEDO 2006/01/01~2006/06/01
12 Feasibility Study for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Project in East Kalimantan, Indonesia Japanese Company 2001/11/05~2002/01/31
13 Oil Contaminated Soil Treatment Utilizing Biomass Resources in Indonesia’s Oil Fields Japanese Company 2002/12/16~2003/03/31
14 Feasibility Study for IPP Project in Bali by Using as Fuel CNG from Senoro Gas Field Japanese Company 2005/09/01~2006/03/31
15 Residue Upgrading Project Japanese Company 2007/02/01~2007/04/30
16 Preparatory Study for Development of Southern Large Scale Thermal Power Plant in Iraq JICA 2011/06/13~2012/03/01
17 Market Study of Petroleum Alternative Energy, DME               (Primary Study) METI / Center for Coal Utilization Japan (CCUJ) 2001/12/03~2012/02/02
18 (Feasibility Study on) Commercialization of Energy Conservation Project in Shunan Complex, Japan Yamaguchi Prefecture 2004/07/08~2005/02/15
19 Biomas Energy Field Test Project Japanese Comapany 2004/11/22~2005/03/18
20 Joint Implementation Feasibility Study for Akus Power Plant in Kazakhstan NEDO 2003/02/15~2003/03/14
21 KMG IPP & Fuel Conversion Project JETRO 2006/10/01~2007/02/01
22 JETRO Study for Aromatics Complex Project in Kazakhstan JETRO 2007/08/01~2009/01/01
23 Preliminary Study Report on PS-Production Plants at Petrochemical Complex Project in Kazakhstan Japanese company 2008/02/01~2008/03/01
24 Master Plan for Establishment of C1 Chemical Industry in Sakhalin Island Master Plan for Rehabilitation/Development of Coal Export Ports for Sakhalin Island Japanese Company 2005/01/17~2005/02/28
25 The Study on Socio-Economic Survey for Rural Villages in Mongolia JBIC 2003/08/27~2004/01/30
26 Feasibility Study of Energy Saving Project of Power Distribution Network in Mongolia JBIC 2006/03/01~2006/10/01
27 Assistant Work for Rehabilitation Project of Igunovskaya Power Plant in Russia Japanese Company 2001/06/06~2001/06/17
28 Russia / Khabarovsk Krai Gas Pipeline Project Feasibility Study Japanese Company 2001/08/20~2002/03/31
29 Feasibility Study for Development of Petrochemical Complex in OAO Kazanorgsintez The Republic of Tatarstan Japanese Company 2004/06/28~2004/10/30
30 Preliminary Survey for Master Plan on Effective Utilization of Natural Gas in Sakhalin Island Japanese Company 2005/10/14~2005/11/30
31 Master Plan for Effective Utilization of Natural Gas at Sakhalin Island Japanese Company 2006/02/03~2006/04/30
32 Sakhalin Natural Gas Utilization Master Plan private Japanese client 2005~2006
33 Study on the Flue Gas Desulphurization System at Nikola Tesla Power Stations in Republic of Serbia SNCF 2009/08/01~2010/02/15
34 Modernization and Fuel Conversion of Cogeneration Facilities in Slovenia to Participate in IPP Business Japanese Company 2002/09/01~2003/03/31
35 Biofuels development project in Thailand Japanese company 2007/07/01~2007/10/01
36 Masterplan of Integrated Refinary and Petrochemical Complex in Vietnam Foreign Company 2011/05/11~2011/07/11
37 Syllthetic Study on Advancement of Overseas Coal Development for FY2011 Survey on Coal Development Status in Vietnam”" NEDO 2011/08/03~2012/02/29