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No. Country name Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Sultanate of Oman Feasibility study on re-use of industrial waste water at Sohar Industrial Complex, Oman JBIC 2007/08/31~2008/02/29
2 Republic of Kazakhstan 2007 KazMnaiGas Environment Manegement Workshop Foreign Company 2007/06/15~2007/10/20
3 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Survey for Ex-ante Evaluation on Enhancing Capacity of Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology in Water Environment Protection (Phase 2) JICA 2006/08/10~2006/09/19
4 Republic of Chile JICA Ex-Post Evaluation for Japanese Fiscal Year 2005 (Republic of Chile) (Analysis and Evaluation IV)(Ex-post Evaluation of "The National Center for the Environment Project", "The Development of Benthonic Resources Aquaculture Project", and "Erosion Control and Afforestation in Watersheds in Semi-Arid Area in Chile, and Integral Management of Watershed with an Emphasis on Soil and Water Conservation (Third-Country Training Program)" JICA 2005/08/29~2006/03/31
5 West Balkan Countries Feasbility Study on Flue Gas Desulphurization System at Major Thermal Power Plants in West Balkan Countries Japanese Company 2005/05/31~2006/01/31
6 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia EIA Evaluation on Rabigh Refinery Upgrading & Petrochemical Complex Project in Saudi Arabia NEXI 2005/01/19~2005/04/28
7 People's Republic of China JBIC Pilot Study on Shanxi Province Environmental Improvement in People's Republic of China JBIC 2003/09/18~2004/02/28
8 Islamic Republic of Pakistan Project Formulation Study on Project on Improvement of Karachi Industrial Wastewater Quality JICA 2003/02/28~2003/03/31
9 Malaysia Project Formation Study on Comprehensive Measure for Environmental Pollution Prevention JICA 2002/01/23~2002/03/29
10 Hungary A Follow up Study on Environmental Improvement of Lake Balaton JICA 2001/11/01~2002/03/29
11 People's Republic of China Follow-up Study on Environmental Assessment of Xiangtan Polyester Fiber Project in China JBIC 2001/03/07~2001/04/06