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No. Country name Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Republic of Iraq Consulting Services for Sewerage Construction Project in Kurdistan Region (I) General Dorectorate of Water and Sewerage (GDWS) 2019/12/09~2025/06/30
2 Republic of Angola JICA Implementation Support for Power Sector Reform Support Program JICA 2015/05/15~2016/04/28
3 Republic of Cape Verde Water Supply System Development Project in Santiago Island Ministry of Environment, Housing and Development / National Agency for Water and Sanitation 2015/03/19~2022/10/18
4 Independent State of Papua New Guinea Preliminary Study Report of Products Shipping Facility for Development of Gas Chemical Industries in Papua New Guinea Japanese Company 2013/08/09~2013/12/31
5 Republic of Iraq Survey on New Fertilizer Plant and Intermodal Transportation Terminal Project in Iraq (PPP Infrastructure Project) JICA 2012/05/07~2013/03/29
6 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Outline of the Preparatory Survey for the Programme Grant and for Environment and Climate Change (GAEC) in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam JICA 2009/07/16~2010/03/05
7 Republic of Rwanda The Preparatory Study on the Development Study for the Improvement of Rural Water Supply in Rwanda JICA 2007/11/27~2007/12/28
8 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam The Study on Groundwater Development in the Rural Provinces of the Southern Coastal Zone in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam JICA 2007/07/17~2008/11/30
9 Republic of Azerbaijan JBIC Pilot Study for Project Formation for Water Supply in Secondary Towns in the Republic of Azerbaijan Japanese Company 2006/12/01~2007/04/15
10 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Project for Water Conversion Project in Jubail and Water Saving System in Riyadh JETRO 2006/11/01~2007/10/31
11 Malaysia Improvement of Planning Capability in Sewerage Sector in Malaysia JICA 2006/10/23~2006/12/20
12 Arab Republic of Egypt Follow-up of Existing water Works from ODA View Point & Applicability of New Water Treatment Process in Egypt Japanese Company 2005/09/20~2005/11/30
13 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam The Project for Rural Water Supply Systems in Central Highlands in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam JICA 2005/08/24~2006/03/31
14 Arab Republic of Egypt Basic Investigation of Existing Portable water Supply System & its improvement in Egypt Japanese Company 2005/06/17~2005/07/29
15 Georgia The Project for Improvement of Water Supply Condition in Batumi City and its Surrounding Areas in Autohomous Republic of Achara in Georgia JICA 2005/05/27~2005/07/15