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Medical Care

No. Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Preparatory Study on the Project for the Construction of New Hospital in Majuro in the Republic of Marshall Islands JICA 2001/09/10~2001/11/27
2 Second Preparatory Study Team for the Strengthening Expanded Immunization Program in the Pacific Region JICA 2004/9/13~2004/11/1
3 Development of World Class University at University of Indonesia University of Indonesia 2009/08/09~2014/10/01
4 Study for Improvement on Health and Medical Policy & System JICA 2001/10/22~2001/12/05
5 The Basic Design Study on the Project for Improvement of Primary Medical Aid in Tashkent and Djizzak Regions in the Republic of Uzbekistan(1) JICA 2005/06/03~2006/1/20