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Planning and Administration

No. Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 Post-Evaluation on the Cooperation Project for Improvement of the State System of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Physical Protection System in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus JAIF 2004/10/29~2005/03/31
2 Population Census Practice/Analysis for South America JICA 2009/4/9~2009/6/9
3 The Study on Present Situation of Measurement Standard System and Effective Technical Cooperation in ASEAN Region (Project Study) JICA 2006/8/1~2007/3/1
4 The Study on Potential Sub-Sector Growth for Export Diversification in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh JICA 2007/02/06~2007/03/30
5 Project for Promoting Investment and Enhancing Industrial Competitiveness In the People’s Republic of Bangladesh JICA 2017/4/21~2022/5/31
6 Industrial Statistics Survey on Burgaria JICA 2002/02/08~2002/07/31
7 The Study on he Institutional, strengthening of Investment Promotion in the Kingdom of Cambodia JICA 2009/02/13~2009/03/31
8 JICA Ex-Post Evaluation for Japanese Fiscal Year 2005 (Republic of Chile) (Analysis and Evaluation IV)(Ex-post Evaluation of “The National Center for the Environment Project”, “The Development of Benthonic Resources Aquaculture Project”, and “Erosion Control and Afforestation in Watersheds in Semi-Arid Area in Chile, and Integral Management of Watershed with an Emphasis on Soil and Water Conservation (Third-Country Training Program)” JICA 2005/8/29~2006/3/31
9 Project formation in Egypt specializing on Industrial Sector Analysis. JICA 2003/03/12~2003/04/28
10 The Study on Economic Development Focusing on the Eastern Region of the Republic of El Salvador JICA 2002/10/29~2004/03/20
11 The Project for Strengthening of the Capacity Development of the Local Governments for Regional Development JICA 2012/01/23~2012/06/21
12 The Study on the Improvement of Investment Policy in the Republic of Indonesia JICA 2005/12/27~2006/03/31
13 The Study of Effects of Physical Infrastructure on Poverty Alleviation and Human Capital Outcomesin Indonesia JBIC 2007/01/09~2007/11/30
14 Feasibility Study for Iraq Basrah FCC Project for ECG Consultation METI 2011/08/11~2012/03/12
15 Review for Aid Program and Implementation Ministry of Foreign Affair 2001/03/01~2001/03/01
16 Data Collection Survey on the Drought Impact and the Assistance Needs in the Northern Regions JICA 2011/10/24~2012/01/10
17 Survey on Prospective Areas of Japanese Assistance in Republic of Moldova JICA 2009/06/01~2009/09/18
18 Preliminary Study on Biomass Heating Systems in Rural Areas, Moldova JICA 2011/12/12~2013/02/28
19 Final Evaluation of the Project on Upgrading Verification and Inspection Technology in the Area of Mass JICA 2003/01/31~2003/03/14
20 Industrial and Support Services Expansion Program 2nd Phase (ISSEP-II) Development Bank of the Philippines 2001/01/01~2005/12/01
21 A Study on Technical Assistance for Capacity Building of Philippine Die and Mold Association, Inc. for Assisting Small and Medium Scale Enterprises JODC 2001/12/27~2002/03/30
22 Special Assistance for Project Implementation (SAPI) on Local Government Units Support Credit Program JBIC 2002/02/18~2002/07/31
23 Sierra Leone JICA Adviser on Development Planning Work Implementation Plan JICA 2008/08/13~2009/03/31
24 Needs Assessment Mission for the North and East of Sri Lanka JICA 2002/09/17~2002/11/20
25 The Japanese Technical Cooperation Project on Technical Strengthening of National Institute of Metrology JICA 2004/02/02~2004/03/31
26 The Process and Current Status of the Southern Seaboard Development Plan (SSDP) of Thailand JETRO 2008/07/30~2009/01/30
27 The Preparatory Study on the Project for the Installation of X=Ray Scanning Equipment at the Check Points of Uzbekistan Borders with the Neighboring Countries in the Republic of Uzbekistan JICA 2009/06/22~2010/03/08
28 Installation of X-Ray Scanning Equipment at the Check Points of Uzbekistan Borders with the Neighboring Countries The State Customs Committee 2010/03/31~2011/03/15
29 Installation of X-ray Scanning Equipment at the Check Points of Uzbekistan Borders with the Neighboring Countries (Phase II) The State Customs Committee 2010/11/05~2012/03/31