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Urban Sanitation

No. Country name Name of Project Client Contract Term
1 The Republic of the Sudan The Project for Management Capacity Enhancement of Southern Sudan Urban Water Corporation JICA 2010/11/19~2011/04/05
2 Republic of Kosovo Project Formation Study on Prishtina Water Supply Improvement Project, Republic of Kosovo ECFA 2010/07/15~2011/03/11
3 Republic of Cape Verde Feasibility Study on Enhanced Water Supply System in Cape Verde JICA 2009/09/29~2011/01/17
4 Republic of Nauru Study on Nauru Water Supply Improvement Project ECFA 2009/07/06~2010/03/12
5 Republic of Indonesia Study for Water Supply Program Formation in Indonesia (Waterworks) JICA 2009/07/02~2009/08/28
6 Republic of Peru Project for Institutional Reinforcement of Water Supply and Sanitation in North Area of Peru JICA 2009/06/19~2013/03/29
7 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Supplementary Study on Human Resource Development for Water Sector in the Middle Region of Vietnam JICA 2009/02/17~2009/03/31
8 Socialist Republic of Viet Nam The Project for the Groundwater Development in Central Highland Provinces in Vietnam JICA 2008/11/10~2009/01/24
9 Bosnia and Herzegovina Project Formation Study on Bijeljina Water Supply and Sewerage, Republic of Shpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina ECFA 2008/09/01~2009/03/13
10 India Study on Augmentation of Water Supply and Sanitation for the Goa State, Republic of India JICA 2004/09/06~2004/10/15
11 Kingdom of Cambodia Preparatory Study for the Study on the Master Plan of the Greater Phnom Penh Water Supply (Phase 2) JICA 2004/07/16~2004/08/20
12 Republic of Rwanda Preliminary Study on the Project for Groundwater Development in Eastern Region and the Project for Groundwater Development in Umutara Province in the Republic of Rwanda JICA 2004/06/22~2004/08/13
13 Mongolia The Survey for Planning & Preparation of Water Supply Project In Monglia Japanese Company 2004/05/31~2004/07/31
14 Republic of Serbia Preliminary Study on the Project for Improvement of Water Supply System in Belgrade JICA 2004/03/15~2004/05/21
15 Albania
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Study on Waste Water Supply Situation in Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Japanese Company 2004/02/20~2004/03/20
16 Bosnia and Herzegovina Water Supply Projects for Six Cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina JICA 2003/01/24~2003/03/31
17 Malaysia Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Malaysia Japanese Company 2001/02/01~2002/01/31