Since its establishment in August 1971, UNICO International Corporation provides consulting service in development assistance and technical cooperation in developing countries. Throughout its consulting service as well as promotion of private investment and technical assistance in resource-rich country, UNICO has been widely serving socioeconomic growth and social development and achieved credibility with its clients.

The international cooperation projects by UNICO have been diversified and complicated in terms of fields and geographical areas, and now projects are implemented not only in industrial related field but also in the field of environment, medical and educational, and geographical areas are widening in Asia, Middle East, America up to more than 100 countries.

Also, UNICO assists Japanese companies’ global business that are utilizing their original technologies and products to provide solutions to social challenges in developing countries, in order to achieve sustainable development and growth of both developing countries and Japanese companies.

In the private investment field, UNICO has engaged in numerous industrial projects in the areas of mining, oil refinery, petrochemicals, fertilizer, and ceramics, among many others. Our teams are typically deployed in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa, conducting master planning, feasibility studies, project planning and assessment, and project management consultation throughout the planning to operation phases.

Our company is a professional group, not only in terms of its expertise and extensive experience, but also in terms of its encouraging environment for individual members to enhance their competitiveness and realize continuous growth. We are passionately at work as a bridge to realize the future of people and society.