UNICO International Corporation is Japan's first industrial consultancy company specializing in supporting economic development and industrialization in developing countries. Since its establishment in 1971, the company has accumulated achievements in various parts of the world, focusing on the development of economic and social infrastructure in developing countries, industrial development, and nurturing industrial human resources.

UNICO provides four core services: Industrial Development and Technical Cooperation Consulting Service, Official Development Assistance (ODA) Loan Project Service, Project Management Services, and Global Business Consulting Service. We remain proactive in both domestic and international arenas, engaging in the fields of (i) private sector industrial development, (ii) energy and heavy industrial development, and (iii) infrastructure and environmental sectors in developing countries and middle-income countries.

In Industrial Development and Technical Cooperation Consulting Service, we provide solutions for a wide range of challenges in the private sector development field, including supporting small and medium enterprises, revitalizing regional economies, promoting trade and investment, and nurturing industrial human resources. In ODA Loan Project Service and Project Management Services, leveraging Japan's advanced technology and expertise, we assist the development of economic and social infrastructure, including educational and medical facilities, large-scale industrial plants, and water treatment facilities in developing and middle-income countries.

UNICO will continue to offer solutions for a diverse range of societal challenges by utilizing accumulated knowledge and experience. At the same time, UNICO will respond flexibly to changes in the environment such as the increasingly complex international situation and heightened geopolitical risks. Through these efforts, we are committed to contributing towards realizing a sustainable society in alignment with the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At UNICO, our mission revolves around envisioning a prosperous life for people around the world as well as co-developing wisdom and technology to nurture the industry. We aspire to be a global company that is always needed by our stakeholders and continues to create new value.

We humbly request your ongoing cooperation and support.

August 2023
Ayato Hirano
President and CEO
UNICO International Corporation